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Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult 7+ 14kg

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Pro Plan Medium & Large Adult 7+ 14kg
Pro Plan® Senior Original 7+ is the first physiological diet to contain ANTI AGE - a nutrient blend proven to improve cognitive function and mental alertness in senior dogs. The brain is an extremely active and hungry organ requiring large amounts of energy. Brain cells need a constant supply of glucose in order to function effectively. At approximately 7 years of age, the dog’s brain cells start to lose their ability to use glucose as an energy source which ultimately affects the brains function. The initial changes will be subtle and may not be noticeable at this age, but as the dog becomes older the brain gradually becomes slower and less alert. Owners feeding their senior dogs on PRO PLAN® Senior Original 7+ with ANTI AGE have noticed a greater interest in playtime, family activities and walks, improved brain function - your dog is brighter and more alert.