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Natures Menu Traditional 300gx12

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Natures Menu Traditional 300gx12
A blend of 3 nutritious meats; Tripe, Chicken and Lamb.
These convenient blocks are easy to store in your freezer and super practical for dogs whose meals average at 300g, 600g or 900g each day.

We recommend also feeding some of our raw meaty bones and chews throughout the week for the health of your dogs mouth, teeth and natural behaviours.
Tripe contains a diverse profile of nutrients including enzymes, natural Probiotics, and co-nutrients. It has long been quoted by TOP breeders as being "the finest of natural dog foods".

Lamb is nutritious complete protein packed with healthy unsaturated fats, minerals and vitamins.
Chicken Liver is a good quality source of Vitamin A and Iron.
We add maize and bran to create a ready-blended feed for working dogs that is akin to the way working dogs have been fed traditionally for many years.

Created for working dogs

Free from artificial colours, flavours & preservatives

Omega 3 & 6 to maintian healthy joints, bones and shiny coat.

Packed with natural antioxidants

A natural working dog diet

Pack size 12 x 300g