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Natures Menu Dog Treats

Natures Menu Dog Treats - 60g pouches

Natures Menu dog treats

Dog treats are ideal to reinforce the bond between you and your dog. They can be used on a daily basis at any time, but they are definitely more efficient when you do train your dog and reward him for good behaviour.

Mobile Pet Food provides you with a full range of raw dog treats, and selected just for you the very best from Natures Menu. Simply browse this range and have your dog treats delivered to your door!

✓ Natures Menu dog treats are made of quality, human grade ingredients.

When giving him a treat, your dog will definitely love its great taste. It is important to reward him like he deserves it with natural, raw meat treats. The dog treats are packed in a 60g pouch, which make them easy to carry during a training or a walk. Take one in your pocket and you will definitely see how quickly your dog learn basic commands.

Natures Menu Dog Treats are free from artificial flavours

Choose between Chicken, Beef or Lamb dog treats. In any case, you will highly reward your dog with a tasty treat which contains no artificial flavours or colorants. Only the very best ingredients to be healthy. Natures Menu dog treats are solely raw meaty treats, made with 95% real meat.

Remember that these are only treats and should not replace food: we also deliver at home Frozen Raw Dog Food and Supplements to keep your dog happy and healthy.