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Country Hunter Nuggets Venison 1kg

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Country Hunter Nuggets Venison 1kg
A Grain Free, Chicken Free, Raw Superfood Meal perfect for allergy sensitive dogs. Created in easy to serve ice cube sized frozen nuggets that can be simply counted out into the bowl and when defrosted, handed to your dog, Simple!

A Complete and Balanced meal. We recommend also feeding some raw meaty bones and chews throughout the week for the health of your dogs mouth, teeth and natural behaviours.

Venison is a nutrient rich, lean meat packed with B Vitamins, high B12 levels and Iron. It is well known for its irresistible rich woody flavours.
Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C and vitamin K.
Nutritious spinach and seaweed are included too. Packed with essential minerals and co-nutrients to support health and vitality.

Easy to serve Complete and Balanced Food

Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives

With added nutritious seaweed

Single protein source, Chicken Free!

Grain Free!

Pack size 1kg
Customer reviews
100% great.
Baxter loves them - his favourite thing!
Bruce F.
Mostly good. Sometimes a little too bloody.
Emma B.
If they can get over the more bloody nuggets it would be brilliant.
Emma B.
On the whole very good. Occasionally i get a batch that's a bit bloody.
Emma B.
My dogs love this but not a bigger enough pack as I have 3 dogs.
Charlotte B.