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A starter Guide To Raw Feeding

5 Nov 2015
A starter Guide To Raw Feeding The Natural Dog

A Starter Guide

People new to raw feeding all have the same questions: "how do I start”, "what exactly do I feed?”, "how much do I feed?” All too often, people are not given the information or confidence they need to begin and this is an unfortunate barrier to getting their dog off kibble, especially if their vet is against raw feeding. This is the guide that we give to all our dog adopters at K9 Rescue.As you will learn, there really are only a few hard and fast rules in canine nutrition. No one has all the answers, not the pet food manufacturers, not the vets and not even the canine nutritionists. Yet what you will also learn, as you see the health of your dog improve and your dog start to glisten with health and vitality is that it doesn’t matter. Just as we ourselves do not scientifically analyse what we eat, nor do we need to do it for our dogs.

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