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Mobile Pet Foods have been delivering pet food in London and the South East for 25 years. Having started out in the early eighties offering a local service in Orpington, Kent, the delivery area has grown and now covers the whole of London and most of the South East.
Natures Menu Raw Nuggets for Cats
Cats are carnivores and thrive on fresh meat.
Natures Menu is the first naturally balanced raw cat food made from great quality British meats. Our foods have been carefully blended into simple nuggets of pure meaty joy to satisfy your cats natural instinct for fresh food. Fortified with vitamins and minerals with the correct balance of taurine, containing real cranberries, grape seed and green tea extract to ensure your cats overall health and well-being.
Natures Menu Cat 400g Chicken & Duck
Natures Menu Cat 400g Chicken & Rabbit
Nature Menu Cat 400g Chicken & Salmon
Nature Menu Raw Chews & Treats
Natures Menu offer a range of both meaty cooked training treats and lots of raw meaty bones and chewing meats that can be easily included a raw food diet. 
The meaty training treats are made from 95% real meat. Each sausage is cut into bite size pieces and packed into a convenient reseable pack which are great for those long dog walks and easy to slip out to reward your dog. Compare the fantastic value you get as well with such a great pack size, a great product that dogs love which is super value as well.